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The Best Free Programs For Your Computer

Top 10 Software Which Must Should Install in Your PC

A new computer must have – beyond hardware – and the right software. if we want to take advantage of even the latest … MHz of it. Certainly Windows have very useful tools, but sometimes they do not quite imagine. We need to resort to third-party solutions if we want to do something right. We present you a list of the 10 best and – mostly – free programs. It will help you in your everyday life as well as any problems you may have.

1) Dropbox

Dropbox is a great application that lets you organize your files wherever you are. If you use more than one computer to do your various tasks, with Dropbox you can sync all of your files to an account. Forget about transferring files to USB sticks or emails. You now have the option to place all your files in your Dropbox folder. And , if you have the corresponding application installed on your computer or mobile (as it is available for free on all platforms) you have direct access to them. Finally, if you lose your mobile or laptop in the worst case, all of your files are stored on the Dropbox server. So, they are available from wherever you are. To see more information and download the application click here.


2) CCleaner

The well-known and indispensable cleaning tool for all computers could not be missing from our list. Since – although it has become “old” – its existence and its functions have made it irreplaceable for years. With this, and depending on the number of scratch files on your computer, you can save enough space on your hard drives. At the same time, you will notice a noticeable difference in the overall performance of your computer. This is because many items are deleted.  which are “useless” from various programs like Google Chrome, Micosoft Office, Winrar, Mozilla Firefox etc. Finally, among other things, its second basic function is the registry cleanup of your machine. which deletes either those entries that are empty (ie they do not drive somewhere) or those that are not needed. However, every time you perform a registry. You download CCleaner from here.



3) Speedfan

Those who engage in the overclocking sport will surely know this program. With Speedfan, you can see real-time temperatures, trends, and fan speeds on your computer’s hardware. If something is overheated too. it is possible to change fan speeds and so temperatures will be displayed (but will also vary) dynamically at the bottom right of your screen. Generally, there are several indications you will notice. Speedfan consists of computers experiencing overheating problems. Download it for free here.


4) TeamViewer

If you do not end up with the problems of your computer. And, would like a second opinion (or maybe a more expert opinion on these issues) then Teamviewer will solve your hands. With this remote management program, you can receive or give a helping hand via the Internet. It is considered a basic tool for computer technicians, since they can now manage almost all their clients through a secure connection. It supports several languages, is very easy to use and can be used for both VPN and file transfer. And above all it’s free and it’s coming right out of here!

5) Recuva

How many times – mostly by habit or by mistake – have you emptied your recycle bin. And, then regretfully regret it since there was something you did not want to erase? But do not worry, since there is always a way to recover. And you do not have to resort to expensive solutions of trade (though sometimes it seems inevitable) as with Recuva. you can restore various types of files even after format. Also, high enough odds are also available for “hit” discs especially since we are talking about a free tool that you can download from here.

6) Microsoft Security Essentials

We know that for free antivirus the suggestions are enough. Many times, opinions differ on what is most effective. However, the most simple, easy to use but with the highest detection success rates is MSE. It can detect and “clean” several of the sons, spyware and other malicious programs that run unchecked.

7) Revo Uninstaller

Several times you will have noticed that once you uninstall a program from the classic Add / Remove Windows tool, some files refuse to stubbornly erase and remain on your hard disk. However, using Revo Uninstaller will not happen again. By selecting the program you want to remove, you are able (after running the necessary uninstall file) to fully search your computer for any “remnants”. The search is not only limited to your local hard drives, but extends to the registry, which can “get enough” of that process, thus gaining a lot of performance but also lessening your system’s stamina. Scan may take a little longer but it’s worth it. Forget the Windows tool and start today from using Revo Uninstaller, which you can download from here.

8) Easeus Partition Master

You’ve come to the point where your hard drive can not stand anymore and you’ve decided to invest your money on a new 2TB that has polished you for a long time. But the 2TB is a bit too much you do not think? Would not you want to have four separate virtual drives, for example, one for your operating system, one for your games, one for your music, and so on? With the Easeus Partition Master, this process is now a bit of a bum. Forget the tough Windows Disk Management tool with Easeus (the old ones you will remember as Partition Magic), you can now resize and compress / split your hard drive as you want. Finally, you can change the format from NTFS to FAT32 and convert logical partirion to primary and vice versa.

9) PC Decrapifier

Okay, with your new hard drive you did it. But what if you buy a new laptop / netbook and want to get rid of all of this “junk” that is usually pre-installed on all branded laptops and desktops? HP software from here, Sony software from there and generally useless things everywhere that you should in our humble appreciation get rid of at all costs if you want your computer to “run” right in the near future. PC Decrapifier is a must-have program for this kind of case, as with a fairly easy-to-use and detailed list you can easily get rid of enough of these wasteful programs, saving you time and effort. For more details visit the official site here.

10) Google Chrome

We left for the end an option that will certainly bring a lot of reactions. So why use Chrome instead of another browser? Because he’s just the quickest of all. In this field we can not question him, no one believes. Internet Explorer (although we have not tried the 10 available in Windows 8), Firefox, Opera and Safari are simply lagging behind in terms of speed, but they are superior to other issues. But here too, Chrome seems to be getting close enough to the competition. Let’s take the issue of the extensions, where it is also its impossible point. When it first started, there were about 300 Google Chrome Extensions in beta. It now numbers – through a quite handy and fully interactive chrome web store – several … thousands. Everyday progress, as well as innovations from time to time (searching and browsing directly from the web address, etc.)


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