Make Money Online [100% Working Tricks]

Do you imagine being able to work from home and make money from it? Do you imagine staying at home and making money by doing a job you would basically like? I want to tell you that with a little effort and a lot of will it is absolutely feasible in today’s article I will tell you not one but the 15 best ways of making money from the internet and how to create a job from home.

10 Ways To Make Money From The Internet – The Ultimate Guide to Making Money From The Internet

1. Amazon Kindle Publishing – KDP

People who like writing can publish their own ebook on the amazon platform! If you are interested, you can get in here and write! You need to have the file with your book and a cover page!

Kindle Publishing is one of the easiest things one can do to make money because it all takes on the amazon. The largest e-commerce platform right now on planet Earth. If you need more knowledge I have to offer you an online course of my friend Stefan Pylarinos K Money Mastery.

There is money investment, of course, and the program gives back the maximum! Also to say that if you buy the program from the above link I get a commission. Personally, however, I have bought it and I have to say the best! You learn a lot on publishing marketing. Get in here and see how much it costs! Other similar program sells over 150E.

2. Google Adsense – Your own website

Google is one of the largest, if not the largest, companies currently on the planet and is with us. Google wants to help you know this! It has the Google Adsense program in which creators and content producers can earn money.

How can you make money from Google?

If you have some kind of platform, blog on WordPress or Blogger or Squarespace, you can sign up for Adsense. Blogger is very easy to create and everyone can do it today! The other two are a bit more technical and need specific skills or investment to make someone else work to climb the site.

When you sign up for Google, you choose what kind of ad you want to put on your site and give you a code. You place it in the specific position you want and if someone pushes the button to be transferred to the ad, Google gives you an amount! It is very simple and the big sites are making a lot of money out of it! The whole business model is Google Adsense! And here there are many online courses but I have nothing specific to suggest. Join or and you will definitely find something.

3. YouTube

YouTube is a huge opportunity right now in my humble view. If you know the art of video creation and you know by editing, then you have to start producing content for YouTube.

The way you pay is from Google ads, specifically Google Adsense you met in # 2 soon. If you did not know YouTube, Google bought it and is now the same company.

Just say that they need subscribers and many views to start earning money, but Adsense is not the only way to make money from YouTube! You can review a product for which you got money from the company itself and promote it to the people you are watching! You can also suggest a product you use and put your affiliate link.

Generally, it’s very easy to make money if you have the audience on YouTube and that’s because there’s a beautiful relationship between the creator and the person watching!

4. Itunes App Store

New but very saturated for Greece has a very good future! You can make your own application and put it for free or for a fee at Itunes! If you put it for free you earn money from the ads. If you pay for it, you get one money from the customer. The truth is to say that this market is quite saturated, and this is shown in the new Show that I’m watching Plannet of The Apps with my favorite speaker / youtuber Gary Vaynerchuck.

5. Upwork

If you know foreign languages ​​and want to translate, if you know how to write articles in English or if you know how to write books. If you know from programming or graphics, what are you sitting on? Go to and make your resume! There people go and do jobs and if you like, you are asking for a proposal and how much money you take!

You need to know English, however, because most employers are asking for jobs in English! A couple, Troy and Valerie Mallema have been working with writers freelancers in upwork and showed proof of how much they make. $ 450,000 in the last 12 months! Do you want to hear more to be convinced?

Tip: At first because the stars on your profile play a role, do the jobs more cheaply than they ask for and tell them to leave a positive comment with the end of the job if they were happy!

6. Ebay

Ebay is a platform with buyers from all over the world and you can find everything there! Open a store, upload the photos of those you want to sell and start earning money.

The best thing is that you can sell and used products! Books, games! Games are breaking! Collectible cards, shoes! Whatever you think.

I will tell you something that normally should not be said because people who know it are doing it. It is something very simple and very clever at the same time! Buy men’s watches and shoes that come out in limited edition and sell them after a while + 200E of what they got! It’s a very simple business model that works but you need to know how ebay works and have 1000E for investment.

And then they tell me he has no jobs out there. These excuses do you know about who I am not going to tell you? If you have skills and cut your eye, everything is done with the internet!

7. Fiverr

Do you know that you can make an advertising spot with your voice and sell it for 5E on You can make a logo or ad banner and sell it there! An animated video or digital marketing service. There are so many things you can do.

Go to the site, see the categories and what you can do. Make a video with your portfolio and start accepting jobs and money!

8. iStockPhoto

Upload your photos, videos and illustrations for earnings
If you are a photographer or if you like to shoot with your camera moments or time lapses or nature, go to and start uploading your work! You will be surprised that you can easily make money from your hobby.

9. Instagram Influencer Marketing

Do you know how much Jenner takes to put a product on her Instagram Profile? $ 1,300,000! Do you understand the number? For a 30 million photo! Of course, do not expect such results in any case, but if you have 100K in your profile and engagement with the audience in your pictures then you can charge!

You can charge from 20 to 100E for a photo for 4 or 12 or 24 hours. It’s about what you’re closing! You can even make a video or close a deal with the month if you can make sales!

Tip: To close such an agreement always put your email on your bio! From there people will come and send you. Example For Business Inquiries message me: or an email to Do not forget to follow my branded Profile at Instagram!

10. Blogger

Bloggger means writing articles on your site and promoting your products or services. You can also promote other products that you have not created yourself. A company that works for example or even more simply to make money from ads.

It is a very nice and pleasant job that takes only one hour a day! You build an audience who follows you and admires what you do because you give them free information and value. I do not know a big blogger right now in Greece except for me, which I have started basically, but I know some big sites that bring good content!

If you like politics, you can have a political blog. If you like marketing you can have a corresponding blog. You can have a blog with food and restaurants or a blog with dogs. Another equally good category is photography blogs. These are big categories with a lot of money and there are no people in Greece to do it!

Akis Petrouzikis for example is one of the biggest Bloggers, Vloggers and Influencers right now in Greece. His Facebook page goes to Likes by Sakis Rouvas. And I want you to know that where it is not accidental!

It works very hard and uploads content daily to social media! It gets money from advertisements, from TV, from its products, from YouTube from its Site from Infuencer Marketing, everywhere!

Another very powerful Influencer who does it very well is Mary Sinatsaki! Honey is in the Fashion category. A huge category that fits a lot of people. It also has a YouTube channel with Lifestyle Vlogs and Fashion Tutorials. With lots of work and consistency it’s up to you.


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