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WEBSITE CONSTRUCTION: How to Make Your Own Website Yourself!

Learn how you can now build your own WordPress site without having any special programming skills.

WEBSITE CONSTRUCTION: How to Make Your Own Website Yourself!

The fashion of do it yourself touched and niche web design . And while there are too many free services and website building site, you will never be able to touch SEO and the competition of a professional website built on the world’s most popular and best content management system, WordPress!

If you have a low budget and you would definitely want to make a website yourself, then you should definitely read below.

How do we start with building a WordPress site?

First of all, we have to take into account that whatever we do, we do it in terms of SEO and the visibility of our site in search engines and Google. So we will avoid some design trends in web design that will lead us to the opposite of what we want.

In order to simplify the process, I have to break it down in order to understand first the order of things in the construction of a website and to be able to focus on one thing at a time.

1. We select an SEO domain name

The choice of the domain name of our website is critical to the success of our website in the future, near and far. We need to choose either a domain name that has the keyword that interests us or be our brand in the case of a brand name.

You can see more about how to select a domain name in the video: How to find a domain name

To select a domain name you need to see what is free to be registered with TopHost .

2. We select a Greek hosting

I work with TopHost , which has servers in Athens and Germany. For the Greek market, we need to have Greek hosting for speed of loading as well as for SEO especially on mobile devices.

After the latest Google’s mobile and tablet algorithm change , it’s very important that our site appears in Google’s geographic search results.

3. Install WordPress manually with our target market language

The automatic installation of WordPress creates many problems in SEO and website optimization us. The installation should be done manually on the first level of our hosting and not in a separate folder within the files on the server.

The higher the WordPress installation is, the better the overall visibility of our site.

The reason we use WordPress is for convenience and time and money savings. WordPress is a content management system that enables you to set up a website in the short term without having to know any code.

All installation files and that you will need to get started are already integrated into the basic WordPress installation and you will not have any difficulty in making a simple and functional site in just a few hours.

4. Install the Genesis Framework with the child theme of your choice

The Genesis Framework is another innovation in WordPress web design philosophy. Genesis Framework is not free and is a cost that along with hosting and name you can not avoid.

Genesis comes with a basic child theme, but we can pick more than one theme to try and experiment until we get to the end result.

5. Install the necessary WordPress Plugins

WordPress add-ons are necessary to enable our site to function and gain more functionality than the basic WordPress installation. Some add-ons you’ll need are the following:

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast – The Best WordPress SEO Plugin. See more in the video: WordPress SEO
  2. GASP   – Your website will surely be overwhelmed by spam in comments and where else there is a security gap. GASP will help you not fill your site with unnecessary content.
  3. BackupPresspress – The necessary application for back up within WordPress
  4. Jetpack – The jetpack is the WordPress Swiss pocket with many useful tools such as communication forms, code integration, etc
  5. Alternate digg – The best content sharing add-on to social networks
  6. Wordfence – The most simple and useful security add-on to protect your site from possible hacker attacks
  7. Google Analytics for WordPress – Google ‘s statistical tool needs some way to integrate into your site and this way is provided by the SEO master, Yoast.

In case we want to make an eshop, we must definitely have installed the Woocommerce add-on that turns WordPress into a very functional and modern online store.

For the eshop we will need some more useful add-ons such as:

  • WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway
  • Woo Floating Cart Lite

and more to improve appearance and conversions.

You can see more in the article: 10 add-ons at Woocommerce to launch your eshop!

6. We create the first articles and the basic pages

Our site should have some basic articles and basic information pages such as the contact form, who we are, the site map, etc. You can see how to create these articles and pages in the next two WordPress videos in 24 hours :

  • WordPress Chapter 7. Creating Dynamic Pages
  • WordPress Chapter 8. Creating Articles

7. We communicate our website to social media

The disclosure of our website and its elements in the media has a twofold purpose:

  • First to get audience and visitors and
  • Second, get backlinks that will upload us to Google’s results pages.

The publishing process is done in three simple steps:

1. I am writing an article on my blog

2. I publish the article on my blog

3. I share the article in social media

So simple. Everyone can do it, so everyone can get a market-oriented goal of their unstoppable traffic to their site.

Okay, I really say so simply that some of you may be dismayed and want to get deeper into the subject. In fact, it is not so easy to build a website because it requires some experience and some familiarity with technology.

If you find that you find them dark, then you can ask for the expert’s opinion and ask for an offer to build a website today.

The goal with this article is not to teach you and to teach you technically, but to give you a bullshit to see what it takes to build a simple first website and go to the internet.

But like every rookie you are sure to make mistakes. To save you from double and unnecessary effort, then you should read below to see what mistakes you should avoid at the beginning of your site’s construction .

What mistakes I should avoid at the beginning of the construction of the site?

1. Avoid parallax design and web pages that are one page

The parallax design came to impress and amaze the crowds that are not related to the Internet and not seeking useful information on the internet. The problem with parallax design is multiple.

It initially reduces the visibility of your site on Google, reducing pages classified by Google at a time when everyone adds useless pages to increase their visibility in Google’s total searches.

Then, it is not functional because you can not interconnect pages after you have everything on one page. Also, how will you count the user’s paths in your page when there are only one page left?

2. Your site should first play on mobile and then on desktop computers

The principle of mobile first is necessary and this is covered by the use of the Genesis Framework . The reasons for choosing Genesis Theme Framework are many and are not limited to the beginning of mobile first design.

You can see more in the article: Why did I choose the Genesis Theme Framework?

3. Avoid cheap hosting in America and abroad

The issue with web hosting is that we end up in our hurry many times and our ignorance of being expensive in brussels and cheap in flour. We have to understand that we can not buy 1 euro a month hospitality in New Zealand or Alaska and have a quick website and then spend 1 euro on the click with Google Adwords because our site is not and does not seem anywhere.

I’m not saying to buy your own web server, but a cost of 100 euros per year is reasonable for hosting in Greece. That’s why I suggest TopHost .

4. Before we start designing the site, we define our target market and a way to make money

If you do not already have a business or a shop, then you will need to find a way to get your volunteer before you make your website. So you will have a goal in your head for what to do to make money from your website .

5. We do not choose difficult and fancy topics at the beginning

At first we are all impressed and believe that everything is easy and powerful. But we quickly realize that it is not possible to make the new Google or the next Facebook one afternoon and we have to throw our ambitions and selfishness.

Start with a simple and easy theme in management and setup like the Genesis Child Theme theme . Once you have some relevant experience with the internet, then you can move on to something more complicated.

The beginning is half of everything and if you start tapping or sticking, then you will not be able to get off the surface and finish the first, even simple, internet site.

6. We learn before doing anything

The Internet has inexhaustible resources to learn how to design your first website. It is good before you do anything to get into the spirit of web design. See more:

  1. Introduction to WordPress Blogging
  2. WordPress – The ultimate security guide
  3. Sources to Become a WordPress Expert!

Do not forget to subscribe to my seo newsletter and do not miss contact with new knowledge and new articles that will help you make your own website yourself.

7. We do not forget about mobile design

The mobile first design has come for good in our lives, as the use of mobile phones is increasing every day. That’s why Google has customized its algorithm to reward those websites that have been designed with the mobile first philosophy, while it algorithmically punishes those that are not designed for mobile devices.

See more: Trends in SEO and Digital Marketing in 2017

8. We never give up

The philosophy of continual improvement is the main motivation to continue after you take your first steps on the internet. No one happened in one rich day and Rome was not built in one day!

Your first attempts at the internet may not end up where you would like, but the practice is done by the craftsman. So for this, I would like to tell you a story at a claymaking school.

After splitting the pottery division into two teams, they assigned both teams to make the best amphora. The first team had the right to make only one amphora and to perfect it, while the second team was given the opportunity to make those who want amphoras, as long as they only compete with one.

Which team do you think has made the best amphora?

I know you are smart enough, but I will not give you the answer. At least not today. To find out the answer, you should stay registered in the SEO Newsletter or sign up to find out in the next article of the next Monday the answer.

Thank you very much and I would be obliged if you make a like, share, plus or tweet! So you help me keep writing valuable articles, and you help other people as well as get valuable insights into website design.

See more about how to make your own WordPress site today

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